Summer Sizzle 2015

The members of 357 Brotherhood would like to thank everyone that attended our 4th Annual 2015 Summer Sizzle on June 20th !! All in all it was a great success. We had 13 Chapters of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association in attendance: 2 Rivers, Kinsman Redeemers, Knights of Solomon, Tyler’s Sword, Knights of Tyre, Knights of Malta, Darkside, Inner Guard. Meridan Sun, Low Twelve from Wisconsin, Brazen Serpent, Cornerstones, & Sanctum Sanctorum. THANK YOU BROTHERS for your support. A BIG THANK YOU TO LAMA HQ, LAMA CHICAGO-WEST, LAMA CHICAGO SOUTH, NOCTURNAL, LOYAL WARRIORS,& AMERICAN KNIGHTS for supporting our event. It was truly appreciated!!! Also a special THANKS to our families, friends & Masonic Brethren that attended our event as well. It was great to see so many familiar faces. To the Lady’s of 357 Brotherhood: Lady Joy, Sil, Otis, Mama Bear, Shannon Aka Texter, Mama Sally THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! You efforts & hard work did not go unnoticed & believe me the members of 357 Brotherhood truly appreciate & LOVE YOU GAL’S!! It was a great day of fellowship with family, friends, brothers & sisters. 2 Wheel 1 Love… Cookie

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