2013 Summer Sizzle PRT 2

On July 13th 357 Brotherhood had their 2nd benefit party at the Log Cabin in Des Plaines, IL. The members of 357 Brotherhood would like to thank everyone that came out to support our event and our cause. Special thanks to all the clubs and associations that supported our event: American Knights, Alpha Dogs, Barrios Riders, Brothers of Justice, Wassup Them, LAMA HQ, Mchenry Road Pirates, Top Riders, WS One Five, WS Tyler Sword, WS 2 Rivers Chapter, WS Darkside, WS Cornerstone Chapter, also a special thanks to all of our Ladies for helping make our event a success.

Summersizzle2013 11jpg








Summersizzle2013 1

Summersizzle2013 2

Summersizzle2013 3

Summersizzle2013 4

Summersizzle2013 5

Summersizzle2013 6

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