Chicago Abate 26th Annual Chili Cookoff 2013

DSCF0144DSCF0143DSCF0142DSCF0141DSCF0140DSCF0139DSCF0138DSCF0136DSCF0135DSCF0134DSCF0133DSCF0132DSCF0131DSCF0130DSCF0129DSCF0122DSCF0145DSCF0120On Feb 9 2013 the Brothers and Ladys of 357 Brotherhood attended the 26th Annual Chicago Abate Chili Cookoff. Many other chapters of Widows Sons were in attendance Darkside, Cornerstone, Chapter One,and Knights of Solomon all were together share great fellowship and Brotherly love. 357 Brotherhoods very own Lady Silvia entered the Chili Contest and took home the 1st Place Trophy. CONGRATS!!! A great time was had by all….

WS Abate Chili

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