EL JAALA GROTTO Installation of Officers 2016

The members of 357 Brotherhood are truly proud of our Brothers who continue to spread that beacon of light we call Masonry thru our append-ant bodies. 357 Brotherhood has 4 members of EL JAALA GROTTO in our midst. On Sunday Jan 24th Bro Damien Aka Slider joined the ranks. We are also proud of Bro Cuneo Aka Hooks for moving on up the line & being installed as Captain Of The Guard. We were accompanied by our lady’s to share in such a great event. Lady Joy who is an officer in the female version group EL JAALA Daughters Of Mokanna was in attendance to show support along with 357 Lady’s Mama Bear & Liz. A great time was had by all & once again members of Widows Sons 357 Brotherhood doing their part to continue to spread that cement that bounds us all.

357 EL JAALA Grotto 2016

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