Helping our fellow Man & Our Brothers over seas..

Philippines Help

The members of 357 Brotherhood voted on providing some aide and assistance to our Brothers & Sisters in the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We were able to purchase some flashlights and batteries. Chapter President Cookie was able to obtain 6 boxes of 1st Aid Kits as well. Lastly the Brothers of 357 agreed to donate $300.00 to the Widow Sons Grand Chapter of the Philippines who will put it to good use. On Nov 20th the items donated were delivered to the Rizal Center here in Chicago. We got there just at the right time, as the volunteers at the center were in the process of loading their 7th Truck Container of goods. The Kits and Flashlights got loaded directly into the truck. One of the volunteers asked if they can take a couple of boxes of the 1st Aid Kits and place them in a truck load of donated items that will be headed to Washington, Illinois this Saturday to help the tornado victims, and of course our answer was YES. Once again Masons doing what Masons do. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY!!

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