Widows Sons 357 Brotherhood 10yr Anniversary Celebration

WOW WHAT A PARTY!!! On Saturday Nov 3rd the members & ladies of Widows Sons 357 Brotherhood celebrated our chapters 10yr Anniversary. This party could not have been made a success without the help of our chapter members & ladies. You guys helped make this a great bash! I got nothing but great compliments from our appetizer table to our chow line. Special BIG THANK YOU to Mama & Papa Bear for hauling their HUGE Grill to the hall & smokin up some real good chicken, & Brother Hooks for grilling up some real good Italian sausage. All of our members truly poured their hearts into making this event a great one. A special THANKS to Brother Cheez Whiz for providing some great music for everyone to enjoy. We truly want to thank everyone that attended & helped us celebrate. Thanks to all the Widow Sons chapters that attended- Dark Side, Cornerstones, Meridian Suns, KOM, Chapter One, Illuminati, One Five, Kingsman Redeemers,Brazen Serpents, Last Degree, KOS, Brothers from Iowa Bedouins Chapter & special Thanks to the other clubs & Associations that shared in our celebration- Legion of Honor, Lama Midway, Lama HQ, Pichuky Riders, American Lawmen, Solo Rider, Free Runners, MOB & Ted from American Knights. 



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