WS Canadian & 2 Rivers Brother’s Visit

On Friday Jan 9th 4 Brothers for Canada made the trip to Chicago to meet up with 3 Brothers & Lady Brick from 2 Rivers Chapter in Cario, IL to deliver a downed brothers bike. 357 Brotherhood was more than happy to be the host. Friday night we had over 30 Brothers & Lady’s together for a great dinner and great fellowship at Paisans Pizzeria & Bar in Berwyn, IL. Thanks to the following Chapters who had someone their to represent and break bread with our traveling brothers = KOS, Darkside, Knights Of Malta, Chapter One, & of course 357 Brotherhood. After dinner some of us made our way over to Harlem Ave Lounge in Berwyn, IL to listen to some real good Blues..What

better way to introduce our Canadian Brothers to the Windy City!!!

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