WS Dark Side Family Picnic 2016

On Sunday June 26th the members of 357 Brotherhood & our ladies attended the annual WS Darkside Chapters Family Picnic. It was a great day to hangout with Brothers & Sisters of various chapters. Once again 357 Brotherhood took home the largest group award with 16 members in attendance. This years award was a special one. A huge jar of homemade butter cookies. The members and ladies enjoyed the award, Especially Pres. Cookie!! It never a bad day when you are able to break bread with your Brothers & Sisters. Thanks to the following members & ladies for coming out & representing our chapter & participating in a great event
Rev, Nero, Papa Bear, Cookie, Hooks, Roadkill, Slider, Clap, Keith & Rocco, along with Ladies Joy, Sil, Otis, Mama Bear, Nydia, Diana & Liz. Plus Slick Ric!


WS Dark Side 2016 Picnic

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