Widow Sons Cruise 2017

On Jan 21st many Widows Sons & Lady’s from all over met in the beautiful town of New Orleans. We were all about to embark on the 1st Widows Sons Cruise. Some of us made our way to NOLA a couple of days prior our cruise date. What a great experience with over 230 Widows Sons & Lady’s in attendance. We enjoyed what NOLA had to offer and made our presence known. We all then boarded the Carnival Triumph & started our 2nd leg of our vacation. Many of us were blessed to witness one of our Brothers getting hitched to his lovely bride. Illinois State President Stormin conducted the ceremony. We sailed the gulf to the very nice city of Progreso in the Yucatan. Many of us took a tour of some Mayan Ruins nearby & enjoyed the sights. From here the boat made its way to Cozumel where we joined our Widows Son Brothers from various Mexico Chapters, It was an awesome time. We all met at the beach resort called Mr. Sancho’s & it was well worth the money. Sadly we had to leave ,but we were able to enjoy the time their with our Brothers & we look forward to meeting again. We made our way back to NOLA & some of us stayed a few more days & others made their journey back home. We all Met On The Level & Parted Upon the Square.


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