Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial in Berwyn,IL 2014

On Sunday morning August 10th members of 357 Brotherhood and their ladies took a ride over to the Proska Park in Berwyn IL where the Vietnam Moving Wall was on display. The members wanted to pay tribute to those that paid the ultimate price in protecting our great country and the freedom we all enjoy. There are many members of 357 Brotherhood who have served & continue to serve our great nation in all the branches of our military. It was only right that those members in attendance be the ones to place a memorial wreath purchased by the chapter at the wall. Brothers Papa Smurf, Rev & Papa Bear were there to do so with honor and respect. We were able to see the changing of the American Flag by the local American Legion Members. We also saw the “Last Patrol” conducted by a group of Vets from Florida. This was a truly heart warming experience that 357 Brotherhood was happy & honored to be part of and we recommend to all if the Moving Wall is anywhere in your area do your best to attend and pay your respect.

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